Fight Chronic Disease, Boost Economies: 4 Growing Opportunities In Nutrition

When they return to their homes, the entire family has access to more nutritious food, and family income is generated through the sale of farm products, Tudabujja said. Peacemeals helps communities prepare and eat meals together so that people who were formally strangers can connect nutrition with mental health and heal from trauma together. Food & Trees for Africa supports communities and schools that want to develop permaculture food gardens. As children and educators grow their own nutritious food and feed themselves, they also gain skills that spur other entrepreneurial and community-enriching activities. These initiatives are all leveraging connectionsbetween people, food, nutrients, health, and the environmentand tipping consumers away from isolated consumption of processed food and toward group-oriented food growing and cooking. In this way, food empathy could emerge as a critical tool for solving a variety of challenges. Want more insights into emerging trends in solving full nourishment issues? Then check out Ashokas Nutrients for All competition, where a panel of expert judges recently named Valid Nutrition , Project Healthy Children , and Tudabujja Halfway Farm the top entries. Nashville Grown , Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery , Kuli Kuli , and Food & Trees for Africa were named top finalists.
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Nutrition Business Journal Releases The 2013 Direct-to-Consumer Report

nutrition industry, SWOT analyses on the top companies in the segment, a breakdown of the biggest opportunities and threats facing product manufacturers and marketers, and U.S. sales data for each of the direct sales channels, including internet, multi-level marketing, healthcare practitioners and direct media (TV, radio, print). NBJ has released a Direct-to-Consumer Selling Report annually, and it has proven to be a popular and influential report among industry executives, given the lack of authoritative market data surrounding these non-retail channels. This year’s report contains over 400 pages of data and insights, and is priced at $3,295. The Direct-to-Consumer Selling Report is available for sale now. NBJ will produces market research reports each year on major market themes, including Sports Nutrition & Weight-Loss, Raw Material & Ingredient Supply, Global Nutrition and our flagship product, the U.S. Supplement Business Report.
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