Nutrition: Best to eat before and after exercise

Nutrition experts warn against unprofessional diet regimes

My snacks can be anything from a yogurt to a protein bar but I dont really like those if I am running short on time between clients, he says. But I always try to get something with protein, especially after the workout. Post-workout After a workout, the muscles are repairing, and its important to help that process along by supplying the body not only with carbohydrates, but also with protein, Girard Eberle says. If you can time it so you are eating a well-balanced meal within 30 to 60 minutes after working out, that would be best, she says. If not, go for a snack that has some carbs and some protein. And rehydrate, particularly in the heat. For workouts lasting longer than 90 minutes, she recommends using sports drinks or GU, a sports nutrition gel high in carbohydrates that endurance athletes often use during long-distances rides and runs. Eat smart So what if your main goal is to lose weight and get stronger?
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Dr Kaganda said that anyone who is approached by someone selling a regime that doesnt go hand in hand with exercise should have doubts. I was recently approached by a colleague with diet regime but was forced to refuse it because it appeared more like a mechanism to starve myself than one to lose weight, she explained. She said that she saw every possibility of getting other health complications if she had accepted the regime, urging the public to use hospitals and nutrition experts and explain their case. The doctor said that for the moment TFNC has no mandate to stop business minded people from selling the diet regimes without professional ethics and that the Tanzania Food and Drug Authority (TFDA) had the mandate. The centre is currently working on reviewing the law that we had since the early 70s. When the law was passed, we didnt have civil society organisations and non- governmental organisations (NGOs) dealing with nutrition and so coordinating them is very difficult without new legislation, she explained. Until the Sunday News went to press, the TFDA Public Relations Officer, Ms Gaudensia Simwanza who was contacted for comment had not responded to the questions that had been forwarded to her.
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Minnesota Nutrition Conference announces 2013 program

The conference has also been approved for 12 continuing education credits by ARPAS, and the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine has approved 12 credits for the main conference and 6 for the equine only program. Once again, the Minnesota Nutrition Conference promises to be an excellent opportunity for the livestock nutrition industry to come together for learning, professional development and networking. We are very proud to present some of the finest experts in the livestock nutrition field to share the latest research, knowledge and best practices, said Krishona Martinson, PhD, conference co-chair and Equine Extension Specialist for the University of Minnesota. The conference has received outstanding support from industry sponsors this year. Industry support is the lifeblood of the Minnesota Nutrition Conference, and we are very grateful to all our sponsors who help make this conference possible, said John Goihl, conference co-chair and owner of Agri-Nutrition Services, Inc. Early bird-registration is open until September 10. Register online at .
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